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Magcap Products (Pulse Systems Magnetics)

Pulse Systems’ Magnetics division has been dedicated to the design and manufacturing of custom magnetics for the power electronics industry. Because of our extensive knowledge and experience with magnetics components, as well as complete solid-state radar transmitter systems, the engineering staff at Pulse Systems can analyze your requirements and provide suggestions to make your design more effective in cost and performance.

Our expert services have been employed - but are not limited to - the following sectors of industry:

  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Radar
  • Communications
  • Industrial Microwave

Pulse Systems has extensive and diversified expertise in the magnetics sector of engineering with application to the following areas:

  • Pulse Transformers
  • Charging Reactors
  • Pulse Forming Networks

Line-type Transmitter Systems

Pulse Systems offers line-type transmitter systems and components, used primarily in the radar industry. In addition to production or customized line-type transmitter systems, we can supply individual components, including:

  • High Voltage DC Power Supplies
  • Charging Reactors
  • Hold-off Diode Circuits
  • Pulse Forming Networks
  • Pulse Transformers
  • Inverse Clippers

Thyratron Trigger Modules

Our line of thyratron grid drivers is designed to optimize the switching characteristics of various thyratrons, and to extend their life expectancy by providing proper grid voltage to minimize jitter, delay and recovery times.

Features include:

  • Independently variable cathode heater and reservoir voltages
  • Internal PRF generator with adjustable pulse width and PRF 
  • Front panel display with controls and monitors

Trigger Transformers 

Pulse Systems offers a wide variety of trigger transformers to trigger xenon flash tubes, spark gaps, crowbars, EWB systems, SCR firing circuits and many other pulse applications.

Inverter Transformers

For switching regulated power supplies, Pulse Systems offers a line of inverter transformers covering a wide range of applications. These can be optimized based upon the customer's specific parameters, including power level, operating frequency, and power supply circuit configuration.

Pulse Systems incorporates in their designs the latest magnetic materials, including Nanocrystalline, Metglass and special ferrites for optimizing efficiency, size and cost. We have designed and produced inverter transformers close to 1.0 MW average power levels.

Pulse Systems, Inc. is a certified ISO 9001:2008 design and manufacturing company and a certified FAA Repair Station.